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New York & Company, Inc. designs, makes, and sells apparel and accessories for women through its network of retail stores and its e-commerce website. The company was established in 1918 under the name of Lerner Shops. The current name was adopted in 1995. The brand’s parent company is RTW Retailwinds.

Meaning and history

The New York and Company logo is purely typographic. This means that there is only the name of the company without a pictorial emblem of any sort. While this approach is unlike the more traditional two-part logo structure, it is quite common for fashion brands.

In the clothing industry, a huge number of companies have a typographic logo. For one, this helps them to maximize their stylistic choices when presenting new collections. They don’t have to stick to a narrow trend or style but can produce whatever they want: something that looks elegant and feminine and something that looks rude and brutal, sporty and casual items, they might use vivid palettes and strict business-like colors. They aren’t restricted by a single image or set of images.

What is New York & Company
NY&C is a women’s clothing retailer. While it focuses on workwear, its collections also include clothing for various occasions and activities, including sports and leisure.

Also, one of the reasons is that minimalist typographic logos are typically easier to reproduce. Taking into consideration that fashion brands have to put their names on millions of textile labels, this is already a reason enough.

Horizontal logo

New York Company Logo

The basic version of the wordmark is just the name of the brand in black over the white background. All the letters are capitalized. The type is so simple and clean that it may look like a default font in a word processor.

There is a subtle emphasis on the name of the city. You can notice it because of the slightly bolder typeface. That’s because it is the word “New York” that is the core of the brand’s name.

Double-lined version

New York Company Logo second

Here, the lettering “New York” forms the first line, whereas all the rest comes below. The letters in the first line are slightly larger. They are also bolder.


The website icon showcases the initials of the brand’s name. Here, the letters “N” and “Y” are positioned at the top, whereas the ampersand and the “C” come below. All the glyphs are of the same size.

Colors and font

You can come across black-and-white versions of the logo, where the ampersand is red. However, the primary version is just black and white.

One of the most interesting things about the typography is that the New York & Company logo features a different type than the icon. In the main logo, there is a perfectly clear and legible font. The icon, in its turn, showcases a traditional (or maybe even old-fashioned) serif typeface combining thicker and thinner strokes in an elegant way.

We can assume that this type was chosen to add a unique touch to the icon and to hint at the fact that it has to do with beauty. Otherwise, a mere abbreviation in a simplistic font would have looked utterly meaningless and generic.

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