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Time Out is a global magazine, which was founded in 1968 in London and has expanded its distribution to 315 cities in 58 countries worldwide. 50 years ago Time Out was launched as a one-sheet pamphlet listing the hottest events. Now it’s one of the most popular magazines, famous for its event listings and recommendations.

Meaning and history

Time Out Logo

Time Out team describe their magazine as an “ambassador of the city”. For the logo the brand used the most classic combination of colors: black, red and white. It is always in trend and is eye-catching due to a bright contrast.

The first cover of the magazine was all red with white contoured lettering on a black background, while all the headlines were executed in bold white font.

Today the magazine covers mostly contain photos, but the logo remains the same, only the red thick line is added to the bottom of the black rectangular.

When there is a need of using an icon (in mobile applications) — TimeOut uses a simple black square with a horizontal thick red line on the bottom of it.