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columbia pictures logo
Columbia pictures Industries, Inc. is a renowned American film production and distribution company founded in 1918 as CBC Film Sales Corporation.

Meaning and history

Columbia Pictures Logo history

The first Columbia pictures logo was the image of a female Roman fighter holding a shield and a wheat stick in her hands. The logo was in use from 1924 until 1928.
In 1928, the Torch lady was introduced. She wore a headdress and held a torch with sparks radiating from it. This logo version was in use until 1936.
The next version was around since 1936 until 1976. The Torch lady was still there, but the headdress was gone, and now she stood on a pedestal. In between, with the advent of color TV, a colored version was introduced in 1961.
Within a period between 1976 and 1981, the Torch lady was removed, and the Columbia pictures logo was accepted. It featured the torch’s rays and halo around it. The golden “Columbia pictures” wordmark was added beneath.
In the 1981-1992 Columbia Pictures logo version, the Torch lady was reintroduced. The logo was similar to one of the earlier versions, except the lady had a sleeker appearance.
In 1992, Jenny Joseph posed for Michael J. Deas, and her oil-painted image was introduced in the new Columbia Pictures logo. The new logo featuring jenny was introduced in 1993. It has retained much of its look except some minor modifications in 2006 and 2014.

Closing symbol

columbia pictures symbolThe Columbia Pictures symbol shown at the end of every movie has been remarkably consistent in its core image – the Torch Lady. Yet, the way she was depicted has been modified a lot. While in the 1930s-1960s the closing logos resembled those shown at the beginning of the film, eventually they became simpler.


shape columbia pictures logo
The current Columbia Picture logo features a digitized image of the Torch lady presented by Jenny Joseph.


colors columbia pictures logo
The logo has a rich color palette, as it looks more like a painting depicting the lady on the background of huge mountain-shaped clouds and deep blue twilight sky.


font columbia pictures logo
The logo wordmark uses a font belonging to the Sans Serif family.