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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the name of the educational series about the world’s most famous animated character. The show was launched in 2006 and has more than 120 episodes created by today. Each episode lasts 30 minutes and has a separate topic.

Meaning and history

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Logo history

As everything Mickey Mouse-related, the Clubhouse’s logo is bright, fun, and playful. Composed of a wordmark in two completely different styles, the emblem features only one graphical element, and it is placed right into the inscription. Of course, the iconic Disney nameplate is also here, to show the affiliation of the project to the world’s most famous children entertainment company.

The logo is built in three levels — the upper one, with the “Disney” inscription in their corporate style, drawn in light blue. The middle level contains the “Mickey Mouse” lettering, executed in a bold geometric sans-serif, with red as the main and black for the outline. This is the official logotype of the world’s most popular mouse. And the third, bottom, level, where the “Clubhouse” nameplate is placed.

The “Clubhouse” part is written in a bold sans-serif with its letters placed uneven, in order to give them the “jumping”, vivid look. The letter is colored in blue, green, and yellow, and the “O” is replaced by a yellow door, which is supposed to lead you into the new world of knowledge and entertainment.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse logo

The logo of the series is usually placed on a white badge, which repeats the contours of the lettering and is located on a sky-blue background, so it resembles a fluffy cloud in the sky.