Thomas Cook Logo

Thomas Cook Logo

The founder of Britain’s oldest travel company whose name was Thomas Cook started his business in 1841. Now Thomas Cook Group plc is the second largest tour operator in the UK and in Europe boasting of its own fleet, almost a hundred aircraft and more than 19 million annual customers.

Meaning and history

Thomas Cook Logo history

Having undergone numerous changes over 177 years of its history, the logo has evolved from a picture abundant in elements into a laconic but meaningful image.

The first Thomas Cook logo appeared in1880. It could be seen on brochure covers for more than 30 years. It was a globe symbol depicting the four continents. The globe was enclosed in a circle with the company’s name “Cooks Tours” and the wording “Around and about the world”. Besides, there were four ribbons around the whole thing with the words “Asia”, “Africa”, “America” and “Europe” on it to emphasize the global nature of the company.

In 1914 “Australia” was added to the words on the ribbons reflecting the company’s expanding business.

Fourteen years later as the brand name changed to Cook’s Travel Service it was reflected in the logo. They also added a fifth ribbon, a hint that the company could offer a lot more than just package tours.

1930 – 1940

Thomas Cook Symbol

In 1930 the era of the globe symbol ended. The logo became simpler. It consisted of TC&S which stood for “Thomas Cook and Son”. In the mid-1930s it was abandoned in favour of a ship logo with the “Cook’s For Travel” slogan.

The symbol that followed it in the 1940s incorporated a scallop shell with a globe and the company’s name against it and the winged helmet of Mercury at the top.

1950 – 1990

Thomas Cook emblem

Then there was something entirely different. Cooks switched over to a wordmark logo ‒ the word “Cooks” in various colours and fonts. It had been in use for 14 years until the “flame red” mark was introduced.

The brick logo appeared in 1989. It was red and white with the same inscription as in the previous logo.

The “Sea and Sun” Logo

Thomas Cook Logo

Thomas Cook again revised its identity in 2001 and launched the “sea and sun” logo. It was blue and yellow (the “holiday” colours of the company that had acquired Thomas Cook by that time) and featured the Thomas Cook name in white.

Current Logo

logo Thomas Cook

The logo unveiled in 2013 looks more consumer friendly. It is a sunny heart designed by the Swedish agency Happy F&B. It means commitment, warmth and sunny emotions. There is also a wordmark “Thomas Cook” underneath.