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Haas is the name of the machine-tool manufacturing company, which was established in 1983 in the United States. Today it is the biggest world’s company in its segment and its tools and accessories are distributed all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Haas Logo history

2016 – February 2019

Haas Logo 2016

The very first badge for Haas was introduced in September 2016 and stayed with the team for three years. It was composed of red and black lettering in two levels, placed on the right from a delicate red emblem. The upper line of the inscription featured a red “Haas” in a classy sans-serif, while the bottom “F1 Team” was set in black color and used smaller letters. As for the emblem, it was a stylized italicized letter “H” enclosed into a circular frame.

February – September 2019

Haas Logo 2019
In February 2019 the logo of the team was redesigned. And the first that changes were the color palette — the badge went gold from red and black. The emblem didn’t change and was still set on the left part of the logo, while the right part of the visual identity was rewritten.
Now the upper line of the lettering featured “Rich Energy” logotype in its custom corporate font, and the “Haas F1 Team” was set under it, separated by a thin horizontal line.

September – December 2019

Haas Logo 2019
A few months later, in September, the “Rich Energy” inscription was removed from the Haas badge, as well as the thin horizontal line. The only two elements left on the logo were the emblem, which got its contours cleaned and strengthened, and the “Haas F1 Team”, set in one line on the right from the emblem. The team was still using gold and white color palette.

December 2019 – 2021

Haas Logo 2019
The Haas logo was redrawn again in 2019. This time the team decided to come back to its original red and black color palette and repeated the initial logo, created in 2016. The contours and lines of all elements were emboldened and cleaned, which made the whole badge look more professional and confident.

2021 – Today

Haas logo

The Haas visual identity is bright and powerful. Composed of a wordmark and an emblem placed inside the square, the company’s logo is executed in the red and white color palette, which is a reflection of a strong and passionate brand.

The Haas wordmark in all the capital letters is placed on the bottom part of the red square and written in a bold custom sans-serif typeface, which is slightly elongated and italicized.

The white lines of the letters star outside the red square with rounded angles and create a sense of movement and dynamics.

The Haas emblem, placed above the wordmark, repeats the first letter of the brand’s name inscription. It is shifted to the right side of the square and has its elongated horizontal bars out of the frame, with a thin red outline.

Haas Logo

The “Haas Automation Inc.” tagline is placed under the emblem and executed in black, it is not even a part of the logo, simply an official reminder.

The red and white color palette of the Haas logo shows the company as powerful and progressive. The dynamic lettering adds movement and speed to the visual identity, while the thick white lines evoke a sense of safety and loyalty.