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The Doors is a legendary American band, which was created in 1965 in LA, California. It is one of the most popular rock-groups in history, and its frontman, Jim Morrison is an iconic figure in the music industry.

Meaning and history

The Doors Logo Emblem

There are few versions of who designed the iconic The Doors logo, and only one of them gives us a name — Bill Harvey from Elektra Records.The Doors Logo Simbol

The famous logo is composed of a graphically executed wordmark, which features two different fonts. “The” in all-caps is executed in an elegant italicized Art Nouveau-style font when “Doors” in all the lowercase lettering is drawn in bold and geometric typeface, which is similar to Densmore, designed by Typodermic.

The Doors emblem

The monochrome palette makes the logo stronger and more powerful, the iconic band’s wordmark looks modern even today, due to the bold lines and right choice of colors.

The Doors had several variations of its name lettering during its history, but they all featured the monochrome palette and the most remarkable and recognizable logo is still the geometric one.


The Doors Font