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Paramore is a music band from the USA which was created in 2004 and performs a rock style. The band’s vocalist, Hayley Williams, was 15 when the group was formed. Paramore earned the Grammy award for the best rock song in 2015, as well as numerous MTV Awards.

Meaning and history

Paramore Logo history

The band’s name, Paramore, was derived from the “paramour”, which means “a secret lover”. There is also a legend, that Paramore was the maiden name of the band’s bassist mother.

During its history, the band changed its logo a few times, the only thing that remained untouched was the logo’s color scheme — the monochrome. This color palette makes the logo look stylish and modern on any background and cover.

2004 — 2010

Paramore Logo 2004

The first Paramore logo was designed with the group creation in 2004. It was composed of a simple black wordmark on a white background. The lettering in all lowercase featured Neue Helvetica Thin font. It was a minimalist and elegant logo, with fine lines of the letters, evoking a sense of sophistication and style.

This logo can be seen on two albums’ covers — the band’s first All We Know Is Falling and Brand New Eyes.

2010 — 2011

Paramore Logo 2010

In 2010 the band added two graphical elements to its wordmark. Now the logo is composed of a nameplate in stencil typeface and butterfly wings on the both sides of it.

The wings add light and peaceful feeling to the Paramore visual identity, they show the band’s soft sides and elegance.

2011 — 2013

Paramore Logo 2011

The most famous Paramore logo was created. It is composed of an iconic emblem, which is three vertical black bars on a white rectangular, where the bars symbolize the trio’s members and the white background — the band’s fans and all the people around them. It is a very good representation of the Paramore main value — its listeners.

The logo is bold and strict, looks very modern and powerful. It is instantly recognizable all over the world and is a perfect example of the music band visual identity.

2013 — Today

Paramore logo

The current Paramore logo is based on the previous version, with a wordmark below it. But this time it is three-dimensional optical illusion of the three bars, which is very interesting to look at.

The wordmark features a handwritten style letters with thin and confident lines. It is executed in all-caps and has a modern and stylish feel. The monochrome palette of the Paramore logo is complimented by a calm orange of the nameplate, which makes it contemporary and more artistic.