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If you take a look at the old Dartmouth Big Green logo and compare it to the current one, you’ll notice they have much in common. While the overall structure is different, they share the same style and the second one was inspired by the first one.

Meaning and history

Dartmouth Big Green Logo history

Dartmouth Big Green, the athletic teams of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, have a rich history dating back to their inception. The foundation of Dartmouth College itself traces back to 1769, under the stewardship of Eleazar Wheelock. The Big Green, however, began to take shape in the late 19th century with the formation of their first athletic teams. Dartmouth College, initially an all-male institution, saw the integration of female athletes into its teams following its coeducational transition in the 1970s.

Throughout the years, Dartmouth Big Green has achieved significant milestones in collegiate athletics. Notable among these achievements is their consistent prominence in Ivy League sports, particularly in football, where they have claimed multiple conference championships. The team has also excelled in other sports such as skiing, with a strong record in NCAA Skiing Championships. Additionally, Dartmouth athletes have made their mark in the Olympics, contributing to the college’s legacy in sports.

In the current era, Dartmouth Big Green continues to uphold its tradition of athletic excellence. The college’s commitment to providing top-tier facilities and support to its athletes has fostered an environment where students can excel both academically and in sports. The integration of advanced training methods and a focus on holistic development ensures that Dartmouth athletes remain competitive on the national stage. As a result, Dartmouth Big Green maintains its status as a respected and influential force in college athletics, upholding the values and history of Dartmouth College.

What is Dartmouth Big Green?
It’s the collective name for Dartmouth College’s athletic teams, representing the institution in various sports competitions. Known for their strong presence in the Ivy League, they have a storied history in collegiate athletics, excelling in sports like football and skiing, and consistently fostering talented athletes.

1974 – 2005

Dartmouth Big Green Logo 1974

The old logo adopted in 1974 featured a large bold block letter “D” in green on the white background.

2005 – 2019

Dartmouth Big Green Logo

The 2005 logo also sported the “D” looking very much like the previous one. Only this time the letter was in white with a dark green outline. Also, it was slightly higher. On the current Dartmouth Big Green logo, the full name of the team and a flat diamond shape on the background appeared.

2019 – Today

Dartmouth Big Green logo
The 2019 logo is the same big ‘D’ they used in the previous design. The only difference is the color scheme. It’s now dark green with a thin black outline, a thicker white layer and a black one again.

Dartmouth Big Green baseball

The university’s baseball team joined the NCAA Division I Ivy League baseball conference immediately after it was founded in 1993. So far, the team has competed in seven NCAA Tournaments and one College World Series. The Dartmouth Big Green is also known for its eleven appearances in the Ivy League Baseball Championship Series (two victories).

Dartmouth Big Green soccer

Dartmouth Big Green soccer logo

The women’s soccer team has won six Ivy League Titles, while the men’s team has won ten Ivy League Titles.

Dartmouth Big Green Colors

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RGB: (0, 95, 47)
CMYK: (100, 0, 91, 42)

HEX COLOR: #000000
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CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100)

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