Temple Owls Logo

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Temple Owls Logo

The choice of the main character for the athletic logo of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, seems pretty natural, taking into consideration the “Owls” nickname. And yet, for much of its history, the Temple Owls logo has been mostly typographic and did not feature this bird.

Meaning and history

Temple Owls Logo history

If we had gone back to the period from 1960 to 1971, we would have seen that back then the logo showcased a white “T” with a gloomy owl sitting on its horizontal bar. In 1972, the school adopted a completely different emblem. Its centerpiece was a large stylized “T” made up of smaller thin “T’s.” The glyph was placed inside a maroon rectangle, below which the lettering “Temple University” in smaller letters could be seen.

In 1996, the emblem went through a complete overhaul. It now featured an owl in flight paired with the lettering “Temple Owls.” More recently, the school has again switched to the “T” logo, which is now presented in a more minimalist fashion.

As part of a single athletic program, each of the 19 teams comprising it shares the same brand identity and, therefore, has the same set of emblems. So, the primary athletic emblem described above also serves as the Temple Owls basketball logo, football logo, baseball logo, etc.