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The University of Mississippi fields a total of 23 varsity teams. During their early years, they were known as “Mississippi Flood” but were called “Ole Miss Rebels” in 1936.

Meaning and history

Ole Miss Rebels Logo history

The Ole Miss Rebels, the athletic teams representing the University of Mississippi, were founded with the establishment of the university’s football team in 1893. Over the years, Ole Miss has become known for its strong presence in collegiate sports, particularly in football, baseball, and basketball. A significant achievement in their history includes the football team’s three national championships in 1959, 1960, and 1962, along with six Southeastern Conference (SEC) championships. In baseball, the Rebels have made multiple appearances in the NCAA Tournament and the College World Series. The women’s basketball team has also been a noteworthy part of Ole Miss athletics, with multiple NCAA tournament appearances. Currently, Ole Miss continues to be a competitive force in the SEC, striving to build upon its rich athletic history and achieve new successes.

What is Ole Miss Rebels?
Ole Miss Rebels represents the athletic teams of the University of Mississippi. Known for their achievements in football, baseball, and basketball, they are a distinguished member of the Southeastern Conference, continually contributing to the dynamic world of college sports.

1970 – 2002

Mississippi Rebels Logo-1970

The Mississippi Rebels logo looks pretty unusual for an athletic crest and has a pronounced retro style. This is especially true for the old logo used in 1970-1996. Here, you could see an old man wearing a long mustache and a red had with wide brims. The words “Ole Miss” in a typeface imitating handwriting could be seen to the left.

2002 – 2007

Ole Miss Rebels Logo 2002
The design changed to just the wordmark ‘Ole Miss’. There was a smaller one just like this on the original logo: red hand-written letters with blue outlines.

2007  – 2020

Ole Miss Rebels Logo 2007
The color scheme changed to a darker one: dark red and almost black for the outline.

2020 – Today

Ole Miss Rebels Logo

The 1996 emblem has borrowed the lettering from the previous Ole Miss Rebels logo but positioned the two words in a single line.

Mississippi Rebels football

Mississippi Rebels football logo

The team has been named National Champions three times, the last in 1962. Also, they have won six SEC championships so far.

Mississippi Rebels basketball

Mississippi Rebels basketball logo

As of 2019, the women’s team has competed in the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight five times and has made 17 appearances in the NCAA Tournament.

As for the men’s team, the number of appearances in the NCAA Tournament has reached nine, the number of appearances in the National Invitation Tournament has reached 12. Ole Miss was in the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen in 2001.

Mississippi Rebels Colors

RGB: (204, 9, 47)
CMYK: (0, 92, 82, 19)

HEX COLOR: #14213D;
RGB: (22, 43, 72)
CMYK: (67, 46, 0, 76)