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Founded in 1855, Telenor ASA is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies. The Norwegian company is based at Fornebu in Bærum, close to Oslo.

Meaning and history

Telenor Logo history

1933 – 1969

Telenor Logo 1933
The initial logo of Telenor was executed in a classy elegant manner and traditional light yet powerful color palette, composed of scarlet red and yellow, with thin black accents and outlines. The composition featured a red and yellow crown placed above an eight-pointed star with six lighting bolts surrounding it. Each element of the logo was outlined in black, which made it possible to place insignia on a background of any color.

1969 – 1994

Telenor Logo 1969

The company was founded as Telegrafverket and changed its name to Televerket in 1969. The old logo featured either the word “Tele” or “Televerket” paired with an emblem. The emblem, which was somewhat reminiscent of a lightning bolt, could be interpreted as an abstract flash, signal or wavelength creating a connection between two points separated by a great distance.


Telenor Logo 1995

Upon adopting the current name, the company introduced a completely different brand identity. Now the Telenor logo featured a stylized human figure (its upper part, to be precise). The figure had its two hands spread up, and there was again the “signal” going from one hand to the other. To the left, the lettering “Telenor” in an austere sans could be seen.

While the design was still based on the combination of red and blue, like its predecessor, the shades were now lighter.

The emblem was developed by Landor Associates and was designed to be “warm and friendly.”


Telenor Logo 2001

The logo preserved its structure but grew more minimalistic. The signal was straightened out into an arch. The human figure lost the white filling. The lettering was now lowercase.

The design was developed by Scandinavian Design Group.


Telenor Logo

A completely different Telenor logo was drawn by Keshen Teo of Wolff Olins in London. It was more abstract than its predecessor. The rounded, flowing shape seemed to have been inspired by the innovations in the telecommunications industry.

Telenor Emblem