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Ninja is the gaming name of one of the most famous streamers, Richard Tyler Blevins. Born in 1991, today the gamer and YouTuber, has become a multimillionaire and philanthropist, owning several brands, including fashion labels. In no time Ninja grew up into one of the most influential people across the globe.

Meaning and history

Ninja Logo history
Ninja started his professional gamin career in 2009, and today he has more than 20 million followers on his YouTube and Twitch channels. Being a kid, Ninja enjoyed all online-gaming related activities, so the decision to start his channel right after graduation was no surprise. Blevins participated in all the possible gaming tournaments, alone and in teams.

Apart from gaming, Ninja has released several books, was featured in the tv series, and created his fashion brand. All the products of the streamer are easily distinguished from others due to the bright and eye-catching logo, which was created in 2011, and is still used by Blevins as the main signifier.

The Ninja logo is composed of two elements, which can be used together or separately. The official gamer’s badge boasts an intense blue background with the ninja portrait drawing in two shades of blue, solid white eyes, and a yellow ribbon, holding the hair, waving up and left.

The frontal face image is accompanied by the yellow logotype, placed along the bottom border of the vertically oriented rectangular of the insignia. The lettering in the uppercase is executed in a sharp custom sans-serif typeface, which looks very balanced and professional.

Both the graphical part and the logotype can often be seen on their own, and if the wordmark can change its color palette, the ninja portrait is always executed in blue and yellow.

2018 – 2022

Ninja Logo 2018

The logo, designed for Ninja in 2018, featured a vertically oriented rectangular shape, with a solid blue background, decorated by a darker banner with an arched top line at its bottom. The banner boasted a stylized yellow “Ninja” lettering in the uppercase of a designer font with a very obvious Japanese mood. As for the main part of the badge, it has a depiction of a ninja boy’s face on it. Executed in dark blue lines, the boy had white eyes and a yellow headband.

2022 – Today

Ninja logo

After the redesign of 2022, the Ninja logo became completely different: now it featured a composition with an abstract geometric emblem placed above an uppercase sans-serif lettering. The emblem, set in a bright and light shade of blue, is composed of four triangular peaks, resembling the hairstyle of the ninja boy from the previous logo. As for the lettering, it is written in black capital characters, with the “I” and “J” emboldened.

Font and color

The bold and sharp Ninja logotype from the gamer’s visual identity is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is pretty close to such fonts as Rostave Regular and Aliment Medium, but with some of the contours modified. The sharp “N” with elongated and pointed lines are balanced by the square “J” and “A”, which add the Japanese character to the inscription.

As for the color palette, the logo is based on the combination of blue and yellow, with two small white accents (the eyes of the ninja). Two shades of blue on the badge stand for confidence and professionalism, which yellow ribbon and lettering add a sense of energy and motion, and white stands for transparency and loyalty if the streamer to his audience.