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Indiana Jones is the name of a world’s famous franchise, which was created in the 1980s by George Lucas. Telling a story of an archaeologist, the franchise has sev-eral movies and books released. The first novel about Indiana Jones was written by Campbell Black at the beginning of the 1980s.

Meaning and history

Indiana Jones logo

The logo of the famous franchise is instantly recognizable all over the world and can be easily called iconic. Once created, it hasn’t been changed for years, as its simplicity perfectly represents the character of the novel and looks great on all the branded items, starting the book cover and movie ads, and finishing with accessories and fashion items.

The Indiana Jones logo is composed of a single wordmark, executed in a cartoonish thick serif typeface with thick lines and massive square serifs. This traditional typeface becomes unique due to the diagonal placement of the inscription and its color palette.

Written in all capitals, the Indiana Jones nameplate has its letters in different sizes — from “I” the biggest, and the last “S” of “Jones” — the smallest. All the letters are outlined in black and have a black shadow, which adds lightness and dynamics to the overall image.

The color palette of the logo is orange, yellow, and black, where black is for the de-tails, and orange and yellow gradient shades are used for the body of the letters. Resembling of the sun, sand, dust, and rocks, — everything that is strongly associ-ated with the archaeologist works, — the combination of colors is what comes on mind first when you think of Indiana Jones.

The modern contours and bright colors of the logo make it timeless and remarkable. Once you see it, you will always recognize it, though there are no extra details and ornaments. A truly iconic logotype.


Indiana Jones Font

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