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Nelvana Enterprises, Inc. is an animation studio and children’s media company. It is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its parent company is Corus Entertainment.
While the Nelvana logo has been updated more than seven times, it has always preserved its core: a polar bear looking up.

Meaning and history

Nelvana Logo history

1977 – 1985

Nelvana Logo 1977

The original emblem featured nothing but the bear in black and white.

1985 – 1995

Nelvana Logo 1985

Seven stars were added. The stars were arched above the bear.
Below, you could see the word “Nelvana” in a simple yet legible sans serif type. There was generous breathing space between the letters, which made the design look light.

1995 (first version)

Nelvana Logo 19951

Once again, only the bear was left on the logo. It looked pretty much like the original emblem, with the exception of very subtle differences and the blue color.

1995 (second version)

Nelvana Logo 19952

The same year, the brand introduced an updated design. Here, the stars were white. They were placed inside a dark blue arch. In comparison with the 1985 emblem, this one had more weight and looked somewhat more cluttered. Yet, in this case, the stars better merged into the design, while in the 1985 emblem, they somehow fell out of place.
Nevertheless, the stars still were too small, so at a larger distance, they looked like dots making it impossible to understand the meaning of the design.

1999 – 2005

Nelvana Logo 1999

The lettering grew larger, which made it better legible. Also, the type became more rounded. As a result, the glyphs now better fitted the arch above. Also, the color grew somewhat lighter and brighter.

2004 – now

Nelvana Logo 2004

At last, the “star issue” was resolved. Now, there was a single large star (the North Star), so the emblem became easier to grasp.
The letters were heavier than in the previous version. Due to this, they somehow echoed the plump legs of the bear above. The bear, by the way, was redrawn with more attention to detail.

2016 – now

Nelvana logo

The proportions of the elements forming the Nelvana logo have changed dramatically. Now, the word “Nelvana” dominates the design, while the bear has grown smaller. Both the picture and the type are based on a circle shape. The bear, which has been redrawn from scratch once again, echoes the shape of the glyphs due to the bold strokes.