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Giladrakor is the name of an Indonesian website with a collection of subtitles for Korean, Chinese and a Japanese movies and series. The platform provides its users with the subs to all the latest releases, along with iconic movies from past years.

Meaning and history

Giladrakor is the place where you can get Indonesian subtitles for all the series and movies absolutely for free and with no registration. The website is being regularly updated, in order to provide its audience with the good subs right after the new episode or movie is being released.

What is Giladrakor?

Giladrakor is the platform with the largest selection of Indonesian subtitles for Korean, Japanese and Chinese movies, series and tv-shows. All the subtitles found on the website are free for the visitors, and can be downloaded in just one click.

In terms of visual identity, the Giladrakor website does not use any emblems or icons, as it has enough of colorful banners for the content, subtitles of the movies. So the logo here is as simple as one can imagine.

2021 – Today

Giladrakor Logo

The Giladrakor logo is composed of a minimalist black lettering in the uppercase, executed in a clean and neat sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Core Sans Bold or ITC Migration Sans Std Bold. There is absolutely nothing unique or interesting about this inscription, but it’s simplicity and black color makes the whole website look professional and reliable, plus in the combination with white background, additional red lettering and dark gray menu of the website, the black inscription looks stylish and timeless.