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Sahibinden, which is an online classifieds and shopping platform based in Turkey, has a simple yet effective logo. Its essence has preserved the same over the years, although smaller details have been modified.

Meaning and history

Sahibinden logo

Let’s start discussing the Sahibinden logo from the version that was used back in 2010. It looked slightly more detailed than the previous one, although the structure was pretty much the same. You could see the name of the website set in a small unobtrusive type. The letters were black and had classic proportions. There were no serifs – just generic square ends.
Then again, in spite of the austere typeface, the authors of the logo managed to make it recognizable and meaningful by adding unique elements. The name of the brand appears to be printed on a piece of paper that is stuck to the wall with something that looks like adhesive tape or even smaller pieces of paper and glue. It brings us back to the era before the 2000s, when the majority of ads were not only published in newspapers but also hung on every surface possible, including special stands for classifieds.
Also, the older logo included the explanatory text “The address for classifieds and online shopping,” which left no doubt as to the brand’s focus.
Later, the company made its visual brand identity even simpler without sacrificing its core. Changing the logo dramatically wouldn’t be very beneficial for the brand as it would have reduced its recognizability.
The imitation of a piece of paper was replaced by a solid yellow rectangle. Once again, the full address of the website in small black letters was the centerpiece of the design. This time, the letters were positioned slightly closer to each other, which appeared to have slightly damaged the legibility.
The fact that the “paper” was gone meant that the Sahibinden logo lost much of its unique style, as well as all of its meaning. Nothing now indicated the field in which the brand specialized. That said, we can’t deny that the updated emblem looked more vivid and eye-catching. Anyway, now the brand was so well-known that its name was already enough for the visitor to realize on which website they landed.
Another important modification was the disappearance of the tagline. The reason why it disappeared was probably the same – there was no need for explanations anymore.

What is Sahibinden
The online classifieds and shopping platform is used by both individuals and companies for purchasing and selling real estate property, automobiles, and a wide range of goods and services.


logo Sahibinden

The icon is as austere as the primary logo and follows the same palette. You can see a large black “S” placed inside a bright yellow box.

Colors and font

While the older version featured rather muted shades of yellow and brown, the Sahibinden logo available in 2021 showcases a singularly eye-catching gold hue. It creates a stark contrast with the black lettering.

The history of the brand can be traced back to 1999, when Turkish entrepreneur Taner Aksoy suggested moving the classifieds part of the newspaper to the Internet. The website went online the following year. In a decade, it already boasted over 1.5 million listings.