Clearwater Threshers Logo

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Clearwater Threshers LogoThe fact that the Clearwater Threshers are an affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies is reflected in the color scheme of the Minor League team.

Meaning and History logo

Clearwater Threshers Logo history

While talks about establishing a Philadelphia Phillies affiliate in Clearwater, Florida, were held since 1981, the team was officially founded in 1985. Initially, the franchise played as the Clearwater Phillies. In advance of the 2003/2004 playing season, they received their current name and logo.


Clearwater Threshers symbol
The Clearwater Threshers logo depicts a thresher shark with the distinctive scythe-shaped tail that is the characteristic feature of this species. The blue shark is following a baseball on a red shield.


Clearwater Threshers emblem
The palette has been definitely inspired by that of the Philadelphia Phillies logo where blue and red are the main colors. Yet, the Clearwater Threshers logo still preserves its unique identity due to the shift in shades and the addition of beige and orange.