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Talbot was the name of a British car brand, which was established in 1903 and discontinued in 1994. Talbot had a pretty intense history, which includes participation in Formula 1 and sponsorship of football clubs.

Meaning and history

Talbot Logo history

1903 – 1908

Talbot Logo-1903

1908 – 1919

Talbot Logo-1908
1919 – 1935

Talbot Logo-1919
1935 – 1938

Talbot Logo-1935
1938 – 1954

Talbot Logo-1938
1954 – 1958

Talbot Logo-1954
1962 – 1977

Talbot Logo-1962

1977 – 1995

Talbot Logo

As for the latest version of the Talbot visual identity, it was very stylish and modern. A bold geometric letter “T” in a circular frame was complemented by the “Talbot” wordmark under it. The lettering in all capitals was executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with thick staring lines and diagonal cuts of the “T” horizontal bar.

The logo was drawn in white, dark blue and red, and usually exposed on a light blue background. When placed on the company’s cars, the badge was executed in silver and looked professional and strict, yet due to the thickness of the lines and their volume, it was a very solid and stylish badge.