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Suntamil5 is the name of a website with the largest selection of video content in Tamil available online for free. The website offers Tamil movies and series, including the iconic ones, and the latest releases.

Meaning and history

Suntamil5 is definitely one of the most famous and reliable web portals for those looking to watch Tamil movies and shows online. All content on the website is available for free and with no registration. With the daily Suntamil5 updates you don’t have to worry about missing the last episode of your favorite series.

One of the main resources for Tamil language video content, Suntamil5 has a very convenient and easy-to-use menu, where everyone will be able to find what he needs without wasting much time on it.

What is Suntamil5?

Suntamil5 is a Tamil-language video-content portal, which offers the widest selection of Tamil movies and series available online. The website doesn’t require any payment or registration from the users and is very easy to use and search through.

As for the visual identity of the Tamil video content website, it is cool and bright, like everything in the movie industry of the region. The primary logotype, used on all pages of the website, is composed of a fancy emblem, followed by a logotype, which finishes with another emblem. And this second graphical element of the badge is used as the web icon and signifier.

2020 – Today

Suntamil5 Logo

The primary Suntamil5 logo depicts a stylized emblem, composed of twelve “rays” of different lengths, coming out of the white circle in the center. The rays make up an image, resembling the sun, or an ornament on an Aztec helmet. Drawn in gradient orange, the graphical element is placed on the left from the sleek three-dimensional logotype, written in a bold custom typeface, with the metallic texture of the letters, which are outlined in thin black. The inscription is followed by a stylized “5” drawn in orange and red, with a deconstructed, blurred pattern.

For the icon, the website uses the same “5” numeral but in a different style: it is drawn in gradient orange and slightly slanted to the right. Evoking a friendly and playful feeling.