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Foursquare is the name of the application, which gives recommendations on hospitality and leisure spots, based on the user’s location and browsing history. The service was developed in 2009 in the USA and today is available in 12 languages.

Meaning and history

Foursquare Logo history

2009 — 2014

Foursquare Logo 2009
The original logo showcased the name of the brand in a slightly italicized sans with only lowercase characters. The type was soft, with slightly extended and rounded ends of the letters.
The white and light green letters had deep dark blue shades around them, which slightly damaged the legibility.
The current version appears better legible and, of course, more meaningful due to the flag.

2014  — Today

Foursquare logo

The Foursquare visual identity, designed by the Red Antler bureau in 2014, is modern and stylish. The shapes and color palette of the logo create a trendy and confident sense.

The Foursquare logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem, which is used on its own for the brand’s website and mobile app.

The app’s name inscription in all capital letters is executed in a bold and solid sans-serif typeface, with traditional letterforms and diagonal edges of the “E”s horizontal bars.

Foursquare emblem

The Foursquare emblem is a stylized map pin, which has a letter “F” inside. Its pointed tail and sleek lines resemble a superhero symbol, which is dynamic and powerful.

The blue pink and white color combination of the Foursquare logo evokes a sense of creativity and youthfulness. It looks bright and dynamic, representing a growing and developing company, which is focused on a young audience.