Sun Belt Conference Logo

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All the logos the Sun Belt Conference has had since 2001 have featured the sun. Yet, in the old logo, it looked less refined.

Meaning and history

Sun Belt Conference Logo history

2001 – 2012

Sun Belt Conference Logo-2001
The Sun Belt Conference logo introduced in 2001 showcased an orange circle surrounded by small red triangles (the sun rays). Around the circle, a black line could be seen, which represented the belt from the name of the conference. To the left, there was the lettering “Sun Belt” in bold black letters with the word “Conference” in smaller letters below.

2013 – 2019

Sun Belt Conference Logo 2013
The following logo (2013) was lighter and more transparent. The sun now looked not like in a kid’s drawing. It was a white gap surrounded by orange and blue shapes forming a circle. On the current logo, a blue ring has been added.

2020 – Today

Sun Belt Conference logo
The 2020 design was a big ‘SBC’ acronym. Color-wise, the letters were divided in two by a slightly curved white line that ran through all of these. Everything below was dark blue, and everything above – bright yellow. A rising sun image was added to the letter ‘B’ in place of its upper orifice.