Virginia Cavaliers Logo

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Virginia Cavaliers logo
The athletic logo of the University of Virginia located in Charlottesville has a minimalist and elegant style.

Meaning and history

Virginia Cavaliers Logo history

Although the only color used on the Virginia Cavaliers logo is orange, it does not look too bright or overwhelming. That is because there is not a single thick line or heavy element on the whole design. You can see a white letter “V” with a thin orange outline and two sabers below. The sabers do not look heavy, while the subtle curve they form only reinforces the elegance of the emblem.
The previous version looked pretty elegant, too, although the design was totally different. There, you could see the head of a cavalier. He looked very stylish in his wide-brimmed head with a long orange feather. In addition to the orange color seen on the current logo, the old one also featured dark blue.

Virginia Cavaliers baseball

Virginia Cavaliers baseball logo
As of 2019, the Virginia Cavaliers have been the NCAA Tournament champions on one occasion (in 2015). They have played in the NCAA Tournament 14 times. Their head coach is Brian O’Connor.


Virginia Cavaliers logo
The women’s team of the University of Virginia has reached the NCAA Tournament Final Four on three occasions. They have appeared in the NCAA Tournaments 25 times.
The men’s team became the 2019 NCAA Tournament Champions, and it has been the only time when the Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball logo could be seen on the uniforms of the NCAA Tournament Champions. The total number of the NCAA Tournament appearances has reached 23.


Virginia Cavaliers emblem
The team plays in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA and the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Their home arena is Scott Stadium in Charlottesville, Virginia, while their head coach is Bronco Mendenhall. The Virginia Cavaliers football logo is the same as their primary athletic logo.