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The athletic logo of the University of Virginia located in Charlottesville has a minimalist and elegant style.

Meaning and history

Virginia Cavaliers Logo history
The history of the Virginia Cavaliers logo design features two completely different emblems, created throughout the years. Though there is still one thing in common between them — an extremely elegant execution.

1978 – 1993

Virginia Cavaliers Logo 1978
The original logo for Virginia Cavaliers was introduced in the Enid the 1970s and featured a stylized portrait of a cavalier, executed in smooth blue lines on a white background. The only bright element of this logo was a curved elongated feather in red, coming out of the right part of the cavalier’s head.

Under the graphical part of the logo, there was a capitalized “Virginia” inscription in a bold blue typeface with smooth lines and slightly elongated and pointed ends of the letters.

It was a beautiful and stylish logo, which stayed with the team for more than 15 years and reflected its noble character and essence.

1994 – 2019

Virginia Cavaliers Logo 1994
The first and only redesign of the Virginia Cavaliers logo was held in 1994, and this is when the style and composition of the visual identity were changed dramatically. The portrait of the cavalier was removed from the emblem, as well as the logotype. The new structure was composed of a white “V” outlined in orange, placed above two crossed sabers, featuring the same shade of orange.

The new color palette of the Virginia Cavaliers visual identity reflects the energy, motion, and determination, along with the professionalism and responsibility of the athletics team.

2019 – Today

Virginia Cavaliers Logo


Virginia Cavaliers baseball logo
As of 2019, the Virginia Cavaliers have been the NCAA Tournament champions on one occasion (in 2015). They have played in the NCAA Tournament 14 times. Their head coach is Brian O’Connor.


Virginia Cavaliers logo
The women’s team of the University of Virginia has reached the NCAA Tournament Final Four on three occasions. They have appeared in the NCAA Tournaments 25 times.

The men’s team became the 2019 NCAA Tournament Champions, and it has been the only time when the Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball logo could be seen on the uniforms of the NCAA Tournament Champions. The total number of the NCAA Tournament appearances has reached 23.


Virginia Cavaliers emblem

The team plays in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA and the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Their home arena is Scott Stadium in Charlottesville, Virginia, while their head coach is Bronco Mendenhall. The Virginia Cavaliers football logo is the same as their primary athletic logo.

Virginia Cavaliers Colors

CMYK: (87, 70, 22, 44)
RGB: (35, 45, 75)

CMYK: (0, 82, 98, 0)
RGB: (248, 76, 30)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)