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Stumbras, rooted in Lithuania, stands as one of the oldest and largest beverage producers in the country. Widely recognized for its diverse array of spirits, it primarily specializes in vodka, bitters, and brandies. These signature concoctions enjoy significant presence in Central and Eastern Europe, with expanding footprints in Western Europe and other global markets. As a proud custodian of tradition, Stumbras harmoniously merges age-old techniques with modern technology. The company is under Lithuanian ownership, contributing greatly to the national economy and cultural heritage.

Meaning and history

Stumbras, a renowned name in Lithuania’s beverage industry, traces its roots back to 1906. Birthed in the heart of Kaunas, this enterprise rapidly gained traction due to its commitment to quality, making it one of the premier spirits producers in the country.

The tumultuous events of the 20th century, including World Wars and the subsequent Soviet occupation, did not deter Stumbras’ growth. Under Soviet rule, the brand experienced significant structural changes, with a shift towards centralized control. Yet, it managed to retain its core identity, embracing both modern techniques and traditional craftsmanship.

Post the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the early ’90s, Lithuania regained its independence. This pivotal moment heralded a new chapter for Stumbras. It transitioned from state ownership to a private enterprise, adapting swiftly to the demands of a free market and embracing the global economy. The company underwent multiple ownership changes, each time fortifying its position in the market.

Throughout its existence, Stumbras maintained its dedication to quality. While many companies opted for cheaper production methods, Stumbras clung to its time-honored traditions, like using natural ingredients and ensuring long fermentation processes. This steadfastness has fortified the brand’s reputation.


Stumbras Logo

The image displays a logo for “STUMBRAS VODKA”. Dominating the upper part of the design is a silhouette of a powerful bison poised atop a curved platform. The bison is depicted in mid-stride, showcasing its strength and forward momentum. Its horns are curved forward, emphasizing its majestic and fierce presence. Below the bison, the word “STUMBRAS” is written in bold, capital letters with a unique styling. Underneath, the word “VODKA” is presented in a simpler, yet still bold typeface, serving as a clear descriptor of the product’s nature. The entire logo is rendered in black and white, giving it a classic and timeless appearance.