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Vox Vodka is a premium spirits brand. Renowned for its clear and crisp vodka, Vox focuses on producing a pure, distilled beverage using select wheat. As a luxury brand, it targets discerning drinkers globally. Currently, its presence is most prominent in upscale bars and liquor stores. Its emphasis on purity and quality ensures it remains a favored choice among vodka enthusiasts.

Meaning and history

Vox Vodka emerged as a beacon of purity in the vast world of spirits. Established as a premium vodka brand, Vox set itself apart by emphasizing its clarity and distillation processes. Originating from the pristine aquifers, every drop was meticulously filtered to achieve a crystalline elegance.

In its initial days, the brand was a pioneer in promoting the essence of “clean drinking.” By selecting the finest wheat and employing an advanced five-times distillation method, Vox rapidly gained notoriety for its superior taste and texture.

As with many businesses, the journey of Vox witnessed shifts in its operational dynamics. During its growth phase, the brand underwent strategic acquisitions. Although specifics on each ownership transition remain guarded, it’s believed that these moves aimed to position Vox Vodka on a global scale.

Modernization was another key aspect of Vox’s history. While retaining its core distillation principles, Vox embraced technological advancements to further refine its vodka. Production facilities saw upgrades, and quality checks became even more rigorous.

Over the years, Vox not only maintained its reputation but expanded its reach. From being a favorite at elite European soirées, it found its way to the vibrant nightlife of the Americas and the sophisticated lounges of Asia.

Vox Vodka’s history is a testament to its commitment to quality, purity, and the relentless pursuit of perfection in the realm of spirits.


Vox Logo

The logo showcases the word “VOX” in bold, uppercase letters. The letter “V” is pronounced with its sharp and wide diagonal lines. Centered, the “O” has an elliptical form, while the “X” displays symmetrically crossed lines. Beneath the main typography, the word “VODKA” is inscribed in a more refined and understated font. Adjacent to the bottom right of the logo is the registered trademark symbol, “®”, subtly emphasizing the brand’s protected identity. The entire design conveys a sense of modern sophistication, aligning with the premium nature of the product it represents.