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Zee5 is the name of a streaming service, launched in 2018 in India by one of the largest media companies in the region, Zee Entertainment. By today it has grown into a serious service, which has its versions available for both TV and mobile devices (application for macOS and Android).

Meaning and history

Zee5 Logo history

Zee5 is the service where you have several options for watching Indian and international content: there are free programs and films, and there is a subscription option, where you can find the package, that suits your needs most. The service is available in 12 languages, but besides English, these are mostly the indigenous languages of various Indian territories.

What is Zee5?

Zee5 is a streaming service with free and subscription content from Zee Entertainment. The service streams original Zee programs, along with Indian and foreign films and TV shows, live music concerts, and programs. The service is available in 12 languages.

Although Zee5 was officially created in 2018, the service had two predecessors, which both merged into one to form the new chapter. Those were DittoTV, an online streaming platform, and Ozee, the video-on-demand service, owned by Zee Entertainment.

2012 – 2016

Zee5 Logo 2012

DittoTV was the first product of the company, introduced in 2012, with the live stream as the main idea. The first logo was designed in the same year and stayed unchanged until 2016. It was a solid blue horizontally-oriented rectangle with the bottom angles cut and rounded and the top ones — slightly softened. Over the blue background, there was a bold lowercase logotype set in a custom sans-serif typeface, with rounded shapes and elongated vertical bars of the letters. The modest “TV” was set in small capitals above the “O”.

2016 – 2018 DittoTV

Zee5 Logo 2016 Ditto TV

The redesign of 2016 switched the color palette of the DittoTV logo and softened the lines of the inscription. The rounded lowercase logotype was now set in dark fuchsia and had some additional lettering set under it in black italicized sans-serif with straight cuts of the lines.

2016 – 2018 Ozee

Zee5 Logo 2016 OZee

Ozee, the video-on-demand service, was introduced by Zee Entertainment in 2016. The logo of the service looked strong and modern, with a solid black background, contrasting white logotype, and a glossy voluminous emblem, replacing the first “O”. The lettering was set in a stylish contemporary sans-serif font with straight lines and angles of the letters. As for the first letters, “O” it was a stylized gradient yellow ring with a horizontally oriented triangle, set in a colorful pattern, and making up the Play button. The logo was underlined by a thin white “Entertainment Now” handwritten lettering.

2018 – Today

Zee5 Logo

Zee5 service was introduced in 2018, as a result of the DittoTV and Ozee merger.  The logo is based on a solid black circle, which is partially framed by thin colorful lines arched on the left. As for the right part of the badge, it contains bold white “ZEE” in the uppercase, set on the black background, and followed by “5”, placed on the right from the circle, on white. There is also an alternative version of the badge, where the emblem is set on a black background, with the circle and the “5” in white, and the “ZEE” in black.