Stetson Hatters Logo

Stetson Hatters Logo

Stetson University, which is located in DeLand, Florida, sponsors 18 athletic teams.

Meaning and history

Stetson Hatters Logo history

Since 1978, the Stetson Hatters logo has gone through three modifications. The earliest logo on the list combined a green block “S” with a black outline of a hat. The “S” looked as if it was wearing the hat.

On the 1995 logo, there was a man wearing a hat with the name of the athletic program in the forefront. In 2008, it was replaced by a simpler emblem with the letters “S” and “U” and the hat.

The current emblem, which was adopted in 2018, features the hat flying in front of the letter “S.” The design looks fresh and dynamic but does not conjure up athletic connotations.

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