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The name “American International Yellow Jackets” refers to over 20 teams representing American International College located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Meaning and history

AIC Yellow Jackets Logo history

2001 – 2008

AIC Yellow Jackets Logo-2001
The badge, designed for the American International College Yellow Jackets in 2001, hasn’t changed much by today. It was a caricature of the team’s mascot, a funny yet aggressive Rex wasp, which brilliantly reflects the character and commitment of the club. The wasp was drawn in bold smooth lines of a dark yellow and black color palette, with white wings, gloves, and shoes, as well as the bold white sans-serif “AIC” lettering in the black jersey of Rex the Wasp.

2009 – Today

AIC Yellow Jackets Logo

Since at least 2001, the American International Yellow Jackets logo has featured the wasp mascot, Rex. Rex has always been running, and its sting has been pretty visible. However, it hasn’t looked exactly the same. In 2009, the shape of the sting and the stripes was slightly modified.

As the result of a more recent update, the sting has been moved backward, while the wasp put on black shorts.

The choice of colors featured on the AIC Yellow Jackets logo – black, white, and gold – fits the wasp theme perfectly. The Logo Usage & Brand Standards Manual recommends using the shade of gold with the following coordinates: Pantone 1235, Hex FFCC33.

AIC Yellow Jackets hockey

AIC Yellow Jackets emblem

A member of Atlantic Hockey, the men’s ice hockey team plays at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. Its first season was in 1948/49. The team’s head coach is Eric Lang (as of 2019).

The hockey team has a separate logo, where the wasp mascot is depicted holding a hockey stick.

AIC Yellow Jackets football

AIC Yellow Jackets

The school began competing in football in the 1933-34 academic season. The team is proud of its NCAA appearances in 2008 and 2013.