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Steinel is a German company, which specializes in the production of sensor-controlled lighting and accessories. The company was established in 1959 and today has its production facilities across Europe and operational offices all over the globe. The company is known for its innovative approach and the use of the latest technologies in its production process.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity is minimalist and modern. Its text-based logo with a bright detail in its center is instantly recognizable and memorable.

The logo of the brand consists of a custom wordmark with a bright spot in the middle. The monochrome nameplate has the dot above the “I” enlarged and colored orange. The orange circle in a black frame is also used as the company’s icon and signifier. This target-like symbol is a reflection of energy and power, as well as an innovative and progressive approach of the brand.

While the monochrome palette represents stability and professionalism, the bright orange splash makes the logo look friendly and evokes a sense of joy and young energy.

Some of the versions also contain a delicate orange tagline “Intelligent technology”, which looks like underline and balances the color contrast of the company’s visual identity.

The Steiner logo is modern and minimalist, it has a unique style and makes the company stand out from the list of competitors, being fresh, crispy and memorable.


The company’s wordmark in all capitals and only one lowercase “I” in the middle is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Dazzle Solid font with its thick lines and neat contours. Though some of the letters are modified.

Steinel Logo

The letters of the inscription are solid and bold, evoking a sense of stability and confidence. The outlines style of the nameplate adds individuality to the logo and makes the typeface look more contemporary and sleek.


Steinel is a European lighting fixtures provider, which headquarters in Germany and has more than 1,5 thousand employees in its offices, operating worldwide. All the production facilities of the company are located in Europe.

The company is most known for its innovations in Sensor Lighting and various lighting technologies, used in professional automation. The group manufactures sensor-controlled lighting, LED, lightings with motion and presence detectors. There are also various accessories and tools produced under the company’s brand.

The products of the German company are used in both residential and commercial buildings and are the number one choice for architects, designers, and electricians all over the globe.

Steinel invented a SensorLight technology along with invisible moving detectors integrated into lights. The company’sResearch department is one of the most progressive and innovative in the world.

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