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Klingspor is a German company, which specializes in industrial sanding and grinding products manufacturing. The company was established in the 1890s and today is one of the world’s best known and biggest abrasive materials producing companies. Klingspor operates across the globe and has its subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America.

Meaning and history

Klingspor Logo history

The Klingspor visual identity is recognizable and bright, its iconic emblem is unique and makes the brand stand out in the list of its competitors, evoking a sense of confidence and dynamics.

The history of the famous label dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the company, called Schutz Marke started operations in Germany. Later it was renamed after its founder, Carl Klingspor.

The 1900s — The 1960s

Klingspor Logo 1900s

The original version of the company’s visual identity was composed of three different emblems, which were drawn in the same style, but with different symbols in the middle, aimed to reflect different sides of the brand.

All the logos consisted of a bold oval frame with two rectangles on its right and left sides, where the “Schutz Marke” inscription was placed. The company’s symbol was placed in the center of the oval, drawn in thin black lines on a white background.

The original emblem depicted an ornate crown with a castle, which symbolizes the city, the company was based in — Siegen and its castle. But the logo became confusing when the business started operating internationally, as it was perceived as a royal symbol.

The company changed its emblem, and the deer from the Klingspor family crest replaced the crown. It was a tribute to the company’s roots and heritage but didn’t reflect the essence of the brand.

So the logo was changed again and the deer was replaced by the image of a car. It happened after Carl Klingspor patented just a new product — sandpaper.

The 1960s — Today

Klingspor Logo

In the 1960s the company decided to redesign its visual identity for a better reflection of the label’s field of activity and its nature. The new logo was designed by Manfred Birkelbach, who worked for the company as a sales manager.

The idea of the logo came from the brand’s name, where the “spor” parts translate to English as a “spur”. This symbol became the official emblem of Klingspor.

Klingspor Emblem

The Klingspor logo today is composed of a triangular emblem with its wider arched from the center, the image of a spur in the middle and the wordmark placed along the bottom side of the frame.

The yellow, black and white color palette of the logo is a reflection of the company’s energy and progressive approach. It shows the brand as a professional and dynamic one and evokes a friendly sense.


The label’s wordmark in all capitals is placed inside the emblem and sometimes on its right side. In some cases, the nameplate is used on its own, to accent on the company’s power and stability.

The company’s wordmark is executed in a strong and bold geometric sans-serif typeface, which is URW Grotesk Medium, where all the lines are distinct and the letterforms are solid and confident.

Logo Klingspor

The typeface of the inscription makes it look modern and powerful, evoking a sense of authority and expertise. It is perfectly balanced and executed with huge attention to details, which also says a lot about the company and its fundamental approach to everything.


Klingspor is a company, which values quality above all. It is a truly German brand, which earned its place on the world’s pedestal of the abrasive materials manufacturers.

The brand has more than 50 thousand items in its product catalog, which include abrasives themselves, and various cutting and grinding tools, such as wheels, discs and diamond tools, suitable for various applications.

The main Klingspor invention, its sandpaper, is used in working with wood, metal glass, as well as in the automotive industry and many others. Its wet-dry sand pare is considered to be one of the world’s top 10 in terms of quality. It is also called the most durable and easy to use one.

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