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Toys for Tots is a charity program, which provides kids with Christmas gifts if their families can’t afford it. The foundation was established in 1947 and today is run by US Marine Corps Reserve.

Meaning and history

Logo Toys for Tots

Being focused on brimming happiness and smiles to the children, Toys for Tots boasts a very bright and playful visual identity.

The Toys for Tots logo is composed of a drawn toy-train with the wordmark on its wagons. The train is red, which makes a traditional tricolor palette in a combination with white lettering and deep blue background.

The connotation with the national flag of America is only stronger because of the white start placed on the wheel of the train.

symbol Toys for Tots

The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a custom sans serif typeface with bold lines. The letters look jumping and fun, which created a dynamic feeling.

The Toys for Tots logo is a great reflection of the organization’s aims and values. It shows the fairytale can turn real and makes kids across the country happy.