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Staropramen is a renowned brewery based in Prague, Czech Republic. Owned by Molson Coors, one of the largest global brewing companies, Staropramen is well-regarded for its high-quality beer production. The brewery produces a range of beers, including its flagship Staropramen lager, and operates both locally in the Czech Republic and internationally, exporting its products to numerous countries worldwide. Staropramen’s commitment to quality and tradition has earned it a strong reputation among beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Meaning and history

Staropramen Logo history

Staropramen was founded in 1869 by Czech businessman František Ondřej Poupě in the Smíchov district of Prague. The brewery quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality beer using traditional brewing methods. Over the years, Staropramen achieved numerous milestones, such as introducing new beer varieties and expanding its production capacity. By the early 20th century, Staropramen had become one of the largest breweries in Czechoslovakia, known for its innovative brewing techniques and commitment to excellence.

One of Staropramen’s most significant achievements was the development of its signature lager, which became a staple in the Czech beer market. The brewery also played a crucial role in promoting Czech beer culture internationally, participating in numerous beer festivals and competitions. Staropramen’s dedication to quality and innovation helped it weather various challenges, including political changes and economic fluctuations.

In recent years, Staropramen has continued to thrive under the ownership of Molson Coors. The brewery has expanded its product range to include craft beers and seasonal brews, catering to diverse consumer preferences. Today, Staropramen is recognized as one of the leading breweries in Europe, with a strong presence in both domestic and international markets. Its commitment to preserving traditional brewing methods while embracing modern trends has solidified its position as a respected and beloved beer brand.

What is Staropramen?
Staropramen is a historic brewery established in 1869 in Prague, Czech Republic. Known for its high-quality beers, it is currently owned by Molson Coors. The brewery produces a range of beer varieties and exports its products worldwide, maintaining a strong reputation for excellence and tradition in brewing.

1869 – 191?

Staropramen Logo 1869

The 1869 Staropramen logo embodies the origins of the brewery, reflecting its traditional roots and heritage. The logo features a simple yet elegant design, predominantly in shades of green and beige. The name “Staropramen” is prominently displayed in bold, uppercase letters, exuding a sense of confidence and reliability. The text is framed by a curved arch, giving it a distinctive and memorable shape. Above the brand name, the words “Akcionářský Pivovar” and “Na Smíchově” are written, indicating the brewery’s location and its status as a joint-stock brewery. This early logo captures the essence of the 19th-century brewing industry with its clean lines and straightforward typography. It is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and its deep roots in Prague’s Smíchov district. The simplicity and clarity of the design make it easily recognizable, establishing a strong visual identity right from the start. This logo not only represents the beginning of Staropramen’s journey but also its enduring presence in the world of beer.

191? – 192?

Staropramen Logo 1910

The 1910’s Staropramen logo showcases a more refined and detailed design, reflecting the brewery’s growth and evolution over four decades. The logo features a rich blue background with the brand name “Staropramen” in large, bold red letters, making it stand out prominently. The text is adorned with a white border, enhancing its visibility and giving it a classic, timeless appeal. Above the brand name, the phrase “Akcionářský Pivovar na Smíchově” is elegantly curved, indicating the brewery’s prestigious status and location. Below, the beer type “12° Ležák Tmavý” is specified, highlighting the product’s unique characteristics. The logo also includes the founding year “Založen Roku 1869,” emphasizing the brand’s long-standing tradition and heritage. This design is more intricate, featuring decorative elements like barley and hops motifs, which symbolize the natural ingredients used in brewing. Overall, the 1910’s logo represents Staropramen’s established reputation and its commitment to brewing excellence.

192? – 193?

Staropramen Logo 1920

The 1920’s Staropramen logo marks a period of modernization and sophistication for the brewery. The logo retains the core elements of the brand’s identity while introducing a more streamlined and polished appearance. The brand name “Staropramen” is displayed in large, uppercase letters with a slight italic slant, giving it a dynamic and contemporary look. The text is set against a green background, signifying freshness and quality. Above the brand name, the words “Smíchovský” are prominently featured, emphasizing the brewery’s geographical heritage. The logo also includes the phrase “Do 12° Ležák Světlý,” indicating the specific type of beer, and the founding year “Zal. 1869,” reinforcing the brand’s long history. The design incorporates detailed illustrations of hops and barley, intertwined with the initials “S” and “P,” representing Staropramen Pivovar. This logo reflects the brewery’s adaptation to the changing times while maintaining its traditional values and commitment to quality brewing.

193? – 1950

Staropramen Logo 1930

The 1930’s Staropramen logo represents a significant shift towards a more modern and minimalist design, aligning with the art deco movement of the era. The logo features a bold and clean typography, with the brand name “Staropramen” in large, uppercase letters. The text is set against a blue background, symbolizing reliability and trust. Above the brand name, the initials “A” and “S” are enclosed within a circular emblem, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The logo also includes the phrase “Ochranná Známka,” indicating the trademark status, and the founding year “1869,” highlighting the brand’s long-standing history. The overall design is simple yet striking, with a focus on clarity and readability. This logo reflects Staropramen’s embrace of modern design principles while maintaining its heritage and tradition. It represents a balance between the old and the new, showcasing the brewery’s ability to adapt to changing trends while staying true to its roots.

1951 – 1982

Staropramen Logo 1951

The 1951 Staropramen logo captures the post-war era’s spirit of resilience and renewal. The logo features a more compact and robust design, with the brand name “Staropramen” prominently displayed in bold, uppercase letters. The text is set against a green background, evoking a sense of freshness and natural quality. Above the brand name, the phrase “Praha – Smíchov” is included, emphasizing the brewery’s connection to its home city and district. The logo also incorporates a circular emblem with the initials “S”, “P” and “N” surrounded by barley and hops motifs, symbolizing the natural ingredients used in brewing. This emblem adds a touch of tradition and authenticity to the design. The overall look is simple yet powerful, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and its resilience in the face of challenges. This logo represents a period of renewal and growth for Staropramen, as it continued to build on its rich heritage while looking towards the future.

1982 – 1991

Staropramen Logo 1982

The Staropramen logo from 1982 is a vintage representation of the brand’s identity. It features a distinct, handwritten-style script that is both elegant and bold, emphasizing the traditional craftsmanship of the beer. The typography is rendered in a rich green hue, symbolizing freshness and the natural ingredients used in brewing. The letters are connected smoothly, giving a sense of fluidity and continuity, which mirrors the brand’s long-standing heritage and commitment to quality. This logo captures the essence of a classic European brewery, appealing to both nostalgic customers and those appreciating historical design aesthetics. The simplicity of the design, without additional graphic elements, highlights the name ‘Staropramen’ as the focal point, ensuring brand recognition and loyalty among its consumers.

1991 – 1995

Staropramen Logo 1991

The 1991 Staropramen logo introduces a slightly modernized version of its predecessor while retaining the core elements of the brand’s traditional image. The script remains in a green shade but features a more polished and refined look, reflecting the evolving market and the brand’s adaptation to contemporary tastes. The lettering is slightly thicker, providing a more robust appearance that suggests strength and reliability. This design includes subtle shadowing and depth, adding a three-dimensional effect that enhances visual appeal. The logo’s continuous flow and cohesive structure maintain a sense of unity and consistency, reinforcing the brand’s established presence in the beer industry. It embodies a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, catering to a diverse consumer base.

1995 – 1999

Staropramen Logo 1995

In 1995, the Staropramen logo underwent a significant transformation, incorporating intricate elements that highlight the brand’s rich heritage and dedication to quality. The primary script is set against a backdrop of golden barley and hops, symbolizing the natural ingredients used in their brewing process. These elements are intricately detailed, showcasing the brand’s attention to craftsmanship. The color palette remains predominantly green, with the added gold accents providing a sense of prestige and luxury. At the bottom, a red ribbon with the text ‘Ochranná známka’ (meaning ‘registered trademark’ in Czech) is added, emphasizing authenticity and the brand’s legal standing. This design communicates the brand’s deep roots in traditional brewing and its commitment to maintaining high standards.

1998 (unused)

Staropramen Logo 1998

The 1998 Staropramen logo presents a sleek and contemporary update, featuring a clean and minimalistic design. The script is rendered in a deep gray color, symbolizing trust and stability, while also differentiating it from previous versions. The letters are more condensed and slightly italicized, giving the logo a dynamic and forward-moving feel. This version includes a small star above the initial ‘S,’ adding a touch of elegance and highlighting the brand’s aspiration to be a star in the brewing industry. The design’s simplicity and modernity appeal to a younger demographic, aiming to expand the brand’s market reach while maintaining its core identity.

1999 – 2011

Staropramen Logo 1999

In 1999, Staropramen reintroduced more traditional elements into its logo, merging them with a modern twist. The design features the brand name in bold, green typography, surrounded by detailed illustrations of barley and hops in a golden hue. The central ‘S’ is prominently displayed, indicating the importance of the brand’s identity. The use of gold and green signifies both the quality of ingredients and the brand’s prestigious heritage. A red ribbon at the base with ‘Ochranná známka’ denotes the trademark, adding an official and authentic touch. This logo balances the brand’s historical significance with a contemporary design, appealing to both long-time patrons and new customers.

2011 – 2015

Staropramen Logo 2011

The logo features an evolved design that maintains the classic elements while incorporating a modern twist. The central “S” remains, now accompanied by the initials “A” and “P,” likely representing the full name or significant components of the brand’s identity. The surrounding hops and barley are intricately detailed, highlighting the brand’s dedication to high-quality, natural ingredients. The year “1869” is prominently displayed, marking the establishment of the brewery and underscoring its rich heritage. The name “Staropramen” is rendered in a more dynamic, italicized script, giving the logo a sense of movement and modernity. This script is accentuated with gold outlining, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The color palette remains consistent with green, gold, and red, ensuring brand recognition while symbolizing tradition and excellence in brewing.

2015 – Today

Staropramen Logo

The third logo further refines the brand’s visual identity with a contemporary approach while preserving traditional elements. The central emblem includes the “S” along with “A” and “P,” surrounded by detailed hops and barley, signifying the brand’s core values of quality and tradition. The year “1869” is placed within the emblem, proudly stating the long history of Staropramen. The name “Staropramen” is presented in a flowing, italicized script, enhancing its visual appeal and suggesting movement and growth. Below the name, the text “Est. in Prague” highlights the brand’s origins, linking it to its Czech heritage. The consistent use of green, gold, and red in the color scheme reinforces the brand’s identity while evoking a sense of timeless quality and reliability. The combination of traditional elements with a modern design reflects Staropramen’s commitment to maintaining its legacy while appealing to contemporary consumers.