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Russian Standard is a notable enterprise based in Russia, primarily renowned for its premium vodka production. This vodka, distilled in St. Petersburg, encapsulates the essence of Russian tradition and culture. The brand has successfully penetrated global markets, with a pronounced presence in Europe and North America. Furthermore, the conglomerate has diversified interests, including finance, with its bank named Russian Standard Bank. The enterprise is under the aegis of Roustam Tariko, its founder and principal stakeholder. As of now, the brand stands as a hallmark of Russian luxury and quality in the spirits industry.

Meaning and history

The odyssey of Russian Standard is emblematic of Russia’s transition from tradition to modernity. Founded in 1998 by Roustam Tariko, this St. Petersburg-based entity was the fruit of Tariko’s vision to produce a vodka that mirrored Russia’s cultural and historical essence. Rather than foreign ownership or collaboration, the brand was staunchly Russian in origin and ethos.

Initially, Russian Standard Vodka was exclusively for the domestic market. Its unparalleled purity and meticulous production techniques, grounded in Professor Mendeleev’s principles, distinguished it from competitors. By 1999, its reputation soared, and the brand accounted for a significant vodka market share in Russia.

International acclaim wasn’t far off. The 2000s witnessed Russian Standard’s expansion to over 80 markets globally, becoming a beacon of Russian excellence. Europe and North America particularly developed a palate for this premium vodka.

Parallelly, Tariko ventured into finance, establishing Russian Standard Bank in 1999. The bank quickly became a forerunner in consumer lending in Russia.

The company’s trajectory wasn’t devoid of challenges. The 2008 global economic downturn posed threats, but Russian Standard’s resilience was evident in its recovery and continued growth.

There hasn’t been much fluctuation in ownership; Roustam Tariko has remained the helmsman. His guidance, combined with strategic marketing and brand positioning, fortified the brand’s status.

Over the decades, the production process has been refined but always aligns with the fundamental essence of Russian vodka-making. Modern technology complements time-tested traditions, ensuring consistent quality.

Today, Russian Standard stands not just as a vodka brand but as a symbol of Russian pride, legacy, and entrepreneurial spirit, with Roustam Tariko’s vision brilliantly realized.


Russian Standard Logo

The logo showcases an elegant juxtaposition of typography and symbolism. Dominating the canvas, the words “Russian Standard” are crafted in a polished, sophisticated typeface, with each letter spaced uniformly, exuding a sense of prestige. The word “Russian” is placed above “Standard,” both given equal weight, emphasizing the brand’s pride in its Russian heritage. Between the two words lies a striking emblem: a circular motif encompassing a fierce bear silhouette intertwined with swirling patterns, reminiscent of Russia’s vast wilderness and deep-rooted traditions. Above the emblem, the word “Vodka” is gracefully inscribed, reinforcing the brand’s specialty. The entire design, in its navy-blue hue, radiates a refined aura, capturing the essence of a brand that marries tradition with modern elegance.