Sparco Logo

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Sparco is the brand of the Italian company, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of car accessories. The brand was established in 1977 and today distributes its products all over the globe.

Meaning and history

The Sparco visual identity is modern and brave. The bold confident lines of its wordmark are intense and dynamic, they create the right image of the brand so that no other elements are needed.

The Sparco logo is composed of a single underlines wordmark which is placed into a blue rectangle or used without framing on a white background.

All the lowercase letters of the Sparco nameplate are executed in a modern sans-serif typeface, which has simple geometric stencils on the letters “P” and “A”. The font of the lettering is close to the modified Kanno.

Sparco Logo

The most remarkable part of the Sparco logo is its letter “S”, which has a rounded contour and sharp inner angles. It is a symbol of speed and progress, a reflection of the brand’s innovative approach in design and production.

The blue and white color palette of the Sparco visual identity represents the brand as reliable and professional, the one that values its clients’ comport and aims to create the best accessories possible.