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The CertainTeed logo is unpretentious and simple. However, due to the addition of the color, it gets a unique touch.

Meaning and history

Certainteed Logo history

The history of CertainTeed started in 1904. It was founded by George M. Brown in East St. Louis, Illinois, under the name of the General Roofing Manufacturing Company. Today, it is among well-known North American manufacturers of building materials for both commercial and residential construction. The brand belongs to Saint-Gobain SA headquartered in Paris.

???? – 2011

Certainteed Logo old

During the first several decades of its history, the name of the company was written with a hyphen: “Certain-teed.” You can come across the wordmark in various scripts in the old print materials about the company. What these designs shared in common was the capitalization (only the initial letters was capitalized).

2011 – Today

Certainteed Logo

The logo features the word “CertainTeed” in an austere sans. One of the few distinctive features is that the letters are placed exceptionally close to each other (consider, for instance, the “N” and “T”). Also, the first “T” lacks half of its horizontal bar. The reasons why the design forces behind the brand shortened the space between the letters and cut the “t” was possibly the desire to make the wordmark more compact.

Below the word “CertainTeed,” there is the name of the parent company, Saint-Gobain, and a horizontal bar in gray.


CertainTeed Color

The sky blue featured in the CertainTeed logo leaves a positive and relaxed impression. It is the color symbolizing stability and trust, which can be one of the ways to represent the quality of the products made by CertainTeed.