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Southland Conference is the name of the athletic program’s conference, which has 13 members among the universities of the South Central US region. The conference consists of men’s and women’s teams which compete in 18 different sports disciplines.

Meaning and history

Southland Conference Logo-history

2000 – 2012

Southland Conference Logo-2000
The badge of the Southland Conference, designed in 2000, stayed with it for a decade. It was a solid blue circle in a thin yellow gold outline, with a white and gold stylized sun on it. Over the circle, there was a smooth and wide blue banner with bold white lettering in a geometric serif typeface on it. The “Southland” was underlined by an arched delicate “Conference” in yellow capitals.

2012 – Today

Southland Conference Logo

On the older logo, the letters in the word “Southland” look flat, while the newer emblem features bluish and grayish highlights adding some depth. Behind the lettering and the stylized sun, there is a dark blue circle with orange trim.

What is Southland Conference?
Southland Conference is the name of the conference, where 13 university athletic programs compete in Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, and fifteen more sport disciplines. The members of the conference are universities from the South Central United States.