South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo

South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo

South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo PNG

South Dakota State Jackrabbits is the name of an athletic program from the South Dakota State University. The program consists of 19 men’s and women’s teams, which compete in the First Division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The sports, covered by the program include Basketball, Baseball, Football, Golf, and several others.

Meaning and history

South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo history

The 19 sports teams, competing under the name Jackrabbits in the NCAA, represent the South Dakota State University, founded in 1881. In 1962, South Dakota received a portion of the earth from the state to participate in the nation’s higher education development program. Thus began the construction of the agricultural college, which opened its doors in 1881. The institution did not receive the status of a University until 1964 when new academic areas and disciplines were added.

Today, South Dakota State University educates 11,400 students and offers more than 200 majors and additional academic majors, in addition to academic activities, the university also focuses on its athletic program, which consists of 19 men’s and women’s teams.

As members of the First Division of the NCAA, the Jackrabbits teams compete in several conferences: Summit League, Big 12 Conference, Missouri Valley Football Conference, and ECAC, the Varsity Equestrian Conference.

1999 – 2007

South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo-1999The logo used by the athletic program from the end of the 1990s until 2007 featured a friendly cartoonish image of a yellow and white rabbit in a thin blue outline, peeking out from behind the bold blue “Jacks” lettering in a confident and classy serif typeface. The logo looked very bright, yet didn’t have that “sporty fighting spirit” in it, and only evoked a sense of kindness and playfulness.

2008 – Today

South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo

Throughout over 110 years of its existence, the mascot has been altered over 100 times, according to the official history of the mascot provided by SDSU.

The current set of the university’s athletic logos includes four versions. To begin with, there is the head logo, where the Jackrabbit is facing to the left. It can be used either on its own or together with the wordmark “Jackrabbits” and the university name. Also, there is the full-body version where the creature is running to the right, which can appear with the wordmark.

In its current form, the logo is used by all the 19 varsity teams competing at the university, including their football, baseball, and basketball teams, as well as wrestling and softball.


South Dakota State Jackrabbits Logo

The palette of the South Dakota State Jackrabbits logo is dominated by the school’s official colors, blue (PMS 286, #0033A0) and yellow (PMS 109, #FFD100). In addition to them, it also includes darker and grayer yellow and blue hues for the shades as well as white.

South Dakota State Jackrabbits Colors

HEX COLOR: #0033A0;
RGB: (0,51,160)
CMYK: (100,75,0,0)

RGB: (255,209,0)
CMYK: (0,9,100,0)