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Since 1988, the Eastern Illinois Panthers logo has gone through three updates. It has remained loyal to the panther theme, though.

Meaning and history

Eastern Illinois Panthers logo history

The Eastern Illinois Panthers, a noteworthy figure in collegiate sports, were founded as part of Eastern Illinois University’s athletic program. Eastern Illinois University, established in 1895 in Charleston, Illinois, introduced the Panthers as its athletic identity, becoming a symbol of pride and competition in various sports. Over the years, the Panthers have carved out a significant place in collegiate athletics, particularly in the NCAA Division I, where they compete in the Ohio Valley Conference.

The main achievements of the Eastern Illinois Panthers are remarkable and diverse, spanning across various sports. In football, they have a history of success, including multiple conference championships and appearances in the FCS playoffs. The basketball team, both men’s and women’s, has also seen its share of triumphs, making several appearances in the NCAA tournaments. Additionally, their track and field program has produced numerous individual champions and Olympians, further enhancing the university’s reputation in collegiate athletics.

Currently, the Eastern Illinois Panthers continue to compete at a high level in the NCAA Division I. They remain a formidable presence in the Ohio Valley Conference, striving for excellence in all their sports programs. The university’s commitment to athletic success is evident in its continued investment in facilities and scholarships, aiming to attract top talent and maintain its competitive edge. The Panthers, thus, stand as a testament to Eastern Illinois University’s dedication to excellence in collegiate sports.

What is Eastern Illinois Panthers?
The Eastern Illinois Panthers are the athletic teams of Eastern Illinois University, competing in NCAA Division I. Renowned for their participation in various sports, they are a symbol of athletic prowess and university pride.

1988 – 1999

Eastern Illinois Panthers Logo-1988

You can see an anthropomorphized running panther on the 1988 emblem. It is depicted in full height.

2000 – 2014

Eastern Illinois Panthers Logo-2000

In 2000, only the panther’s head was left. This time, the creature did not have the cartoonish style of its predecessor – it was more of a serious opponent now.

2015 – Today

Eastern Illinois Panthers Logo

The 2015 Eastern Illinois Panthers logo also sported a side view of a panther’s head. This time, the animal was placed inside a shield.

Eastern Illinois Panthers basketball

Eastern Illinois Panthers basketball logo

The men’s team boasts six NAIA Tournament appearances and two NCAA Division I Tournament appearances. It also competed in the NCAA Division II Tournament each year from 1975 to 1980.

The women’s team, which is currently coached by Matt Bollant, has appeared in the NCAA Tournament once and has been named the Conference Regular Season Champions twice.

Eastern Illinois Panthers baseball

Eastern Illinois Panthers baseball logo

The university fielded its first baseball team in 1904. Jason Anderson, who is the head coach, has occupied the position for the fifth season (as of 2019). The Panthers play their home games at the Coaches Stadium at Monier Field.

Eastern Illinois Panthers Colors

HEX COLOR: #919295;
RGB: (145, 146, 149)
CMYK: (46, 37, 36, 2)

HEX COLOR: #004B83;
RGB: (0, 75, 131)
CMYK: (100, 77, 23, 7)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)