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The University of South Dakota in Vermillion, South Dakota, has a comparatively successful athletic program including 17 varsity teams (7 men’s and 11 women’s).

Meaning and history

South Dakota Coyotes Logo history

2004 – 2011

South Dakota Coyotes Logo-2004

In spite of the fact that the coyote theme has been present in the South Dakota Coyotes logo since at least 2004, it is less prominent on the current version than it used to be.

The USD Coyotes logo introduced in 2004 featured a coyote standing on his four feet and looking forward ferociously. Under the feet, you could see a large red “U” in front of the words “South Dakota” with the word “Coyotes” arched below.

2012 – Today

South Dakota Coyotes Logo

On the current version, which was introduced in 2012, there is only the animal’s paw and letters “SD.”