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The cowboy theme has dominated the McNeese State Cowboys logo for more than half a century. While there have been at least three alterations over this period, the overall look of the emblem has remained pretty much the same.

Meaning and history

McNeese State Cowboys logo history

Tracing its roots back to the founding era of McNeese State University in 1939, the McNeese State Cowboys emerged as a dynamic athletic force in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The genesis of this division coincides with the university’s establishment, marking a journey of athletic prowess and distinction. Their narrative is adorned with a tapestry of achievements, notably in football, basketball, and rodeo, showcasing a blend of talent, determination, and sportsmanship. The football squad, in particular, has etched its name in the annals of history with multiple conference titles, reflecting the Cowboys’ zeal for triumph. As of the present day, the McNeese State Cowboys remain a formidable presence in NCAA Division I sports, consistently competing in the Southland Conference. Their sustained dedication to sporting excellence continues to carve their niche in the collegiate athletic landscape.

What is McNeese State Cowboys?
At the heart of NCAA Division I sports lies the McNeese State Cowboys, a distinguished athletic division of McNeese State University. Renowned for their athletic dynamism and spirit, they represent a fusion of talent and passion, making their mark in various sports arenas. Their identity resonates with the ethos of competition and excellence, hallmarking their position in the NCAA echelons.

1987 – 2003

McNeese State Cowboys Logo-1987

In 1987, the school introduced the logo featuring a blue silhouette of a cowboy on the horse. On the forefront, a large yellow “M” could be seen.

2003 – Today

McNeese State Cowboys Logo

In 2003, the cowboy slightly changed its position, while the “M” grew shorter and broader.

The position of the cowboy has remained the same on the current McNeese State Cowboys logo introduced in 2011. The “M” is slightly different, though.

McNeese State Cowboys football

McNeese State Cowboys football logo

The Cowboys have been the Southland Conference champions on 14 occasions, as of 2019.

McNeese State Cowboys basketball

McNeese State Cowboys basketball logo

The men’s basketball team of McNeese State University located in the U.S. state of Louisiana has been moderately successful. They have participated in the NCAA Division I Tournaments twice, in the NCAA Division II Tournament once, in the National Invitation Tournaments three times, and in the Postseason Tournament one time.

As for the women’s team, the Cowgirls, they have made two NCAA Tournament appearances and have been the Conference Tournament Champions on two occasions.

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