SMU Mustangs Logo

SMU Mustangs Logo

The nickname “SMU Mustangs” is used by the athletic teams at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. There are 17 teams in such sports as tennis, football, baseball, track & field, basketball, and more.

Meaning and history

SMU Mustangs Logo history

While the SMU Mustang logo may lack uniqueness, it possesses an undeniable timeless elegance. It was introduced in 1977 and has remained virtually unchanged ever since. Yet, it looks perfectly modern.

The logo features a galloping mustang in red. The creature’s mane and tail flutter in the wind, while the position of the body reveals that the mustang is moving at high speed. All these bring about dynamism and motion to the logo, while the delicate proportions of the strong animal add elegance and refinement.

One of the secondary logos looks almost the same but the horse here has blue trim. The school also uses other secondary and alternative logos where the lettering “SMU” is added and there is some color variation.


SMU Mustangs Logo

The university’s official palette is comprised of blue (Pantone 286, hex: 354ca1) and red (Pantone 186 and hex: cd2027). We should point out, though, that the primary SMU Mustangs logo features only one of the colors, red. The blue can be seen on the secondary logos.