Miami Hurricanes Logo

Miami Hurricanes Logo
All the 15 sports teams of the University of Miami have one common name ‒ the Miami Hurricanes. It stands to reason that they share one and the same logo.

Meaning and History logo

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The Miami Hurricanes logo has always been a lettermark logo based only on typography. It had evolved from the letter “M” to the acronym “UM” before it took the shape of the split letter “U”.
The history of the Miami Hurricanes logo started in 1940. The first sport emblem was the letter “M” which stood for Miami. It was in green outlined in orange.
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Fifteen years later the university added the letter “U” to the “M”. Needless to say, the abbreviation meant the University of Miami. It was of orange color with a white and green outline.

Current Logo

Miami Hurricanes Logo
The current emblem is even more minimalistic. The only image depicted in it is a stylized letter “U” in two colors. The right section is green and the left one is orange. Yet, white is also incorporated in the symbol. It is the space between the two sections of the letter “U”.
The split-U logo was the outcome of the 1973 redesign. As opposed to the “UM” that could have stood for many other institutions, the U symbol is unique. When people see it, they automatically recollect the University of Miami.