LSU Logo

LSU Logo
Louisiana State University’s football program is known as the LSU Tigers, or the Fighting Tigers. In addition to the regular LSU logo, the Fighting Tigers may use two more secondary emblems.

Meaning and History logo

LSU Logo history

The tiger head logo has been used by several schools having the word “Tigers” in their name, including not only LSU, but also Auburn, Princeton, Pacific, and Missouri. It is hardly possible to find out who created the so-called Oswald logo, but most likely it was the cartoonist Arthur Evans. He developed the emblem for Occidental College in Los Angeles.
Also, some sources claim that the author of the logo was W.A. Prescott of Brewton, Alabama.
The cartoonish LSU logo was used from 1955 to 1966, when it was replaced by a more realistic depiction of a tiger’s face with the lettering “LSU” below. In 1972, the tiger acquired a more aggressive appearance; it looked as if it was roaring.

Emblems in 1980-2013

LSU emblemThe 1980 emblem featured a roaring tiger once again, although it was a different tiger. The color scheme was altered, too: purple was replaced by black.
However, in 1990 the iconic purple-and-gold color palette was restored. For more than a decade, the school used a wordmark logo until in 2002 the stylized tiger returned to the emblem. Due to the 2007 update the logo became simpler and clearer, while still preserving the tiger muzzle.

Current symbols

LSU Symbol
Since 2014, the primary LSU logo does not include the tiger at all, it is just a wordmark. However, there are also two secondary logos depicting a tiger’s muzzle.


Font LSU Logo
The clear all-cap sans serif typeface looks unique due to the unusual curves and angles of the letters “S” and “U”.


Color LSU logo
The official colors for LSU are purple (Pantone PMS 268C), gold (Pantone PMS 123C), black, and 50% Gray (Pantone PMS Cool Gray 8C). The University’s athletic logos include only two of the official colors, purple and gold. Also, there are white elements.