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Sophos is an IT company, specialized in developing security-focused software. The company was established in 1985 in Great Britain and today it operates all over the world and has more than 3 thousand employees.

Meaning and history

Sophos Logo history
Sophos was founded in 1985. The name is translated from Latin as a ‘sage’ and is generally associated with wisdom. The name alludes to the company’s nature as a producer of computer security solutions, including hardware and software. The company mostly offers services to larger organizations.

1985 – 2002

Sophos Logo 1985
The original logotype only features the company’s name. Unlike the later design, this logo includes uppercase and lowercase letters alike. The font is a largely basic sans-serif style with some unordinary decisions. The color is a turquoise green shade close to seafoam green, with no deeper meaning or connection behind it.

2002 – Today

Sophos Logo

The Sophos visual identity is minimalist yet memorable due to the use of bright blue color in its logo.

The Sophos logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem, which was used in the earlier versions, and still sometimes appears on the company’s products.

Sophos Emblem

The Sophos wordmark in all the capital letters is executed in a solid sans-serif typeface with bold straight lines. The lettering looks confident and strong and the bright color adds a modern feeling to it.

The Sophos emblem from the previous visual identity versions is a simple and laconic shield contour with the letter “S” inside. The emblem features the same blue and white color palette as the inscription.

For the web icon, the company uses a blue square with the white letter “S”, written in the same typeface as the company’s logotype.

The Sophos’ visual identity is modest yet contemporary and evokes a sense of reliability and protection, as well as creative and progressive thinking.


The fonts they’ve been using since the company’s creation are basic sans-serif designs with some angular and abrupt turns, making these letters somewhat more unique. The 2002 logo also uses fully capitalized letters, unlike the previous design.


They’ve mostly been using the blue shades for their logotypes. While the earlier logo used a seafoam green shade, the latter prefers rather a generic blue variation.