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Siegenia is a brand of the leading provider of room comfort solutions (window systems, door systems and comfort systems). The company was founded in 1914 by Wilhelm Jäger in Germany. In 1955 the Siegenia brand was officially registered as a trademark. Since 2003 Siegenia is a part of SIEGENIA-AUBI Sicherheits-Service GmbH.

Meaning and history

Siegenia logo
The Siegenia logo is a wordmark lined with a tag line. Absence of graphic icons and use of only two colors in its logo reflects the brand’s holistic approach and it’s emphasis on quality.

Bright blue bold typeface of Siegenia is very confident and modern. It makes the brand’s name recognizable for customers. The thick all-caps font is balanced by a delicate black tag line, saying “brings spaces to life”

The choice of color is very smart for the market segment of Siegenia, as it gives a feeling of trust and confidence.

The Siegenia logo is also very tech-oriented, as the company provides room comfort solutions and products which can be controlled via mobile app.