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Wet n Wild LogoWet n Wild Logo PNG

Wet n Wild is the name of an American beauty brand, which was established in 1974 in California. Today the brand is distributed across the globe, offering cruelty-free make-up cosmetics and accessories.

Meaning and history

Wet n Wild Logo history

The visual identity of the cosmetics brand is minimalist and extremely stylish. Its simple wordmark, executed in two different fonts, looks sharp and playful, reflecting the confidence and power of the company.
The Wet n Wild logotype is composed of two styles — “wet” and “wild” in a traditional sans-serif typeface with a lot of space between the letters, light, and airy. The font is similar to Neue Helvetica and would look too simple and boring if not the middle “N”, which is executed in a custom cursive font with sharp bold lines.
The “N” adds elegance and power to the logo, making it recognizable and memorable. The same font is used by the brand for its icon — fuchsia letter “W” in a solid black square.
Wet n Wild Logo
As for the color palette of the main logo, the company prefers using monochrome, where the black inscription is placed on a white background, or vice versa, the solid black rectangle has white lettering on it.
Sometimes the “Los Angeles” tagline is added to the logo under its right part. It is usually written in black or white, depending on the overall style, but in some cases, it can be drawn in fuchsia, just like the one from the brand’s icon.
The Wet n Wild logo is simple yet confident and strong, perfectly representing the new generation of brands and marketing, and showing the purpose of the brand and its value of style, beauty, and quality.