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Meaning and history

Wet n Wild Logo history

The “N” adds elegance and power to the logo, making it recognizable and memorable. The same font is used by the brand for its icon — fuchsia letter “W” in a solid black square.

1977 – 1998

Wet n Wild Logo 1977
The logo for Wet’n’Wild, introduced in 1977, featured a bold and smooth blue and red logotype in a double white and black outline. The thick massive letters of the wordmark were executed in soft contours, with the lines of both “W” elongated, curved, and emboldened on their ends.

The “Wet’n” part of the logo was colored bright blue, representing water and its coolness, while the “Wild” was set in scarlet-red, a color of passion and danger.

1998 – present

Wet n Wild Logo 1998
With the redesign of 1998, the logo was completely changed. Its smooth rounded letters were replaced by a thicker and stricter one, as for the color palette, it got diluted with a light-blue shade, but now the composition looked the following way: the lettering, divided by two water drops around the “N” was colored red on top, and dark blue on the bottom, which were divided by a light-blue smooth line in the muddled outlined in white.

2014 – present

Wet n Wild Logo
In 2014 the contours of the logo were refined and strengthened, while the color palette was switched to three shades of blues with no red details on the wordmark. The water drops on both sides of the “N” now featured one of the blue shades, used for the nameplate, and looked more serious and professional, as well the whole logo.