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Sokos Hotels is a brand of Finnish hotel chain, operated by S Group, a Finnish retaining cooperative organization. Sokos Hotels is the largest hotel chain in Finland, with 50 hotels in 26 different cities and municipalities.

Meaning and history

Sokos Hotels Logo

The Sokos logo is very modern and recognizable. The icon was created by Finnish graphic designer Kyosti Varis. It is a bright red circle with a white S symbol, which has to start and no end point and divides the circle horizontally in two parts.

The black bold typeface and the red logo (located between the words “Sokos” and “Hotels”) act perfectly on the white background and represent the brand’s personality and world-class service.

The red icon complements the minimalistic Scandinavian typeface of the brand and becomes the main eye-catcher. The Sokos brand logo reflects the brand’s individuality and high quality.