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Slushii is a stage name of Julian Scanlan, a famous DJ from the United States, who was born in 1997 in New Jersey. Slushii became popular in 2016 and since that time he has released three albums. Today he is a part of Monstercat and Mad Decent panes and works closely with several very popular singers.

Meaning and history

Funny, bright, and unforgettable — this is what the Slushii logo is. Composed of two parts, which are usually used separately, but sometimes together, this logo is one of the most remarkable and unforgettable ever.

The surrealistic image depicts a smoothie monster coming out from the paper cup with the letter “S” on it. Drawn in a Japanese Kawaii-style, it looks cute and scary at the same time. The super bright and juicy color palette, consisting of white, blue, acid pink and green shades, evokes a sense of a futuristic approach to music and design, showing the famous DJ as super progressive, and accenting on his sense of humor.

Slushii Logo

Designed in 2016, the smoothie monster instantly became loved across the globe, and now can be seen not only on the album covers and posters of Slushii, but also on the fashion items (such as t-shirts and phone cases), and even some interior accessories.

As for the wordmark, which is placed under the emblem, when used together, it is executed in a custom typeface with bold rounded letters, reminding the smoothie texture. The dripping letters are usually executed in white with a blue outline, or in gradient blue-to-green palette, same as the monster is drawn in.

The Slushii logo is an example of how funny cartoonish pictures can be a really strong representative of the brand, full of rebellious spirit and energy, progressive approach, and dynamics. This is what the new generation of visual identity designs is.