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Evanescence is an American music-band, which was formed in 1995 and performs a rock style. Their album Fallen sold around 20 million copies across the globe and earned two Grammy awards.

Meaning and history

Evanescence Logo

The band’s name comes from Latin’s and means “vanish” or “disappear”. Evanescence is a light and meaningful word, which is perfectly reflected by the band’s logo, which is composed of a wordmark and a band’s emblem.

The wordmark in all-caps with slightly enlarged letters “E” is executed in a very elegant font, which is similar to Evanescent typeface by Aeryn.

The typeface evokes a sense of calmness and sophistication, its thin and fine lines make the letters move on a black or white background.

What is Evanescence?
Evanescence is the name of a world-famous American rock band with female vocals. The band gained huge popularity after the release of their debut album “Fallen” in 2003. Currently, the band is on vacation, having played the last concert of a world tour in 2012 in support of their third studio album.

Evanescence emblem

The Evanescence emblem reminds of an unfinished circle with sharp ends, and is a graphical representation of an hourglass, which represents the band’s lyrics about time and death, it is a symbol of existence and time, which is moving and moving.

Evanescence logo

The Evanescence logo is an example of a smart and elegant visual identity, which fully reflects the group’s philosophy and values.


Evanescence Font

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