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Slurpee, a renowned icy drink brand, is owned and operated by 7-Eleven, Inc., a global chain of convenience stores. Established as part of 7-Eleven’s wide array of offerings, Slurpee has become a signature product for the company. The brand is known for its colorful, frozen carbonated beverages, often associated with youthful indulgence and fun.

7-Eleven, Inc., originally named Tote’m Stores when founded in 1927, was later renamed in 1946 to reflect its then-unusual hours of operation, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. The Slurpee itself was an innovation introduced in the 1960s, and it has since become a cultural icon.

Operating globally, Slurpee is available primarily in 7-Eleven stores, which span across various countries. These countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, and parts of Asia, making Slurpee a widely recognized and accessible treat. The brand has established a significant presence in these regions, particularly in North America and Australia, where it has become a part of popular culture.

Meaning and history

Slurpee Logo history

Slurpee’s journey began with the advent of the ICEE Company in the late 1950s, founded by Omar Knedlik. This invention led to the creation of the Slurpee, which was introduced by 7-Eleven in 1965. The name “Slurpee” was coined due to the sound made while sipping the drink through a straw. It marked the beginning of a new era in frozen beverages.

Throughout its history, Slurpee has achieved numerous milestones. Notable among these is the introduction of unique and varied flavors, ranging from traditional cola and cherry to more exotic and limited-edition varieties. The brand has also been innovative in marketing, with memorable campaigns and promotional tie-ins with popular movies, television shows, and cultural events. The Slurpee’s distinct cup designs and collectible items have become a part of its charm and appeal.

As of the present day, Slurpee maintains a strong market presence, continually adapting to changing consumer tastes and trends. It has evolved beyond just a frozen drink, becoming a symbol of leisure and enjoyment, especially among younger demographics. The brand’s adaptability and enduring popularity underscore its current position in the market. Slurpee continues to thrive under 7-Eleven’s management, contributing significantly to the company’s success and global brand recognition.

1966 – 1980s

Slurpee Logo 1966

The logo presents a vibrant and energetic design that captures the essence of the Slurpee brand, evoking a sense of cool refreshment and exuberance. Set against a dynamic background of diagonal stripes that alternate between a bright, electric blue and a hot magenta pink, the logo itself pops out in a stark white. The word “SLURPEE” is written in an all-caps, sans-serif font that is bold and angular, suggesting a modern and impactful presence. The letters are skewed, creating a sense of movement as if the word is in motion—mirroring the swirling experience of drinking a Slurpee.

The choice of colors is reminiscent of the drink’s playful variety, while the slanted orientation of the stripes adds a sense of speed and zest, embodying the fun and spirited nature of the Slurpee experience. Overall, the logo’s design is a testament to the brand’s enduring appeal as a classic frozen treat.

1980s – 1990s

Slurpee Logo 1980s

The logo is a bold and assertive representation of the Slurpee brand, distinguished by its use of a vivid red hue that commands attention. The typeface is robust and blocky, with a uniform thickness that conveys a sense of reliability and presence. This no-frills, all-caps font exudes confidence and is easily legible, a critical factor for brand recognition. Notably, the letters are interconnected, which subtly suggests the idea of connection and unity—akin to the way Slurpee connects people with its universally enjoyable experience. The simplicity of the design, devoid of any extraneous graphics or emblems, underscores the brand’s straightforward appeal and the uncomplicated pleasure derived from the Slurpee experience.

1990s – 2009

Slurpee Logo 1990s

The Slurpee logo exudes a classic and nostalgic vibe, rendered in a deep navy blue that suggests both sophistication and the coolness associated with the brand’s frozen beverages. The font is weighty and substantial, with a three-dimensional rendering that seems to project the letters outward, echoing the bold flavor and larger-than-life personality of the Slurpee experience. This three-dimensionality is further emphasized by the shadow effect, which adds depth and reinforces the visual illusion of the letters popping out from the surface. The typeface is sans-serif, modern, and clean, promoting clarity and a no-fuss attitude. The overall design encapsulates the essence of Slurpee: a fun, energetic, and quintessentially summertime treat.

2009 – 2017

Slurpee Logo 2009

The logo is a striking embodiment of the Slurpee brand, rendered in an intense shade of red that suggests both excitement and flavor. The text is italicized, leaning forward, as if to convey motion—reminiscent of the rush one feels while sipping the icy drink.

The design employs a bold, sans-serif typeface with letters that are wide and evenly spaced, offering a modern and accessible look that appeals to a broad audience. Unique to this design is the three-dimensional shadowing on the lower right of the letters, giving the impression that the logo is not just a flat design but a tangible object one could almost reach out and touch.

2017 – 2019

Slurpee Logo 2017

The logo exhibits a creative and playful design, with the Slurpee name rendered in a monochromatic color scheme that plays with shades of gray, black, and white for visual impact. The letters are stylized with a graffiti-esque font that appears edgy and youthful, each character slightly askew to give a dynamic and casual feel. This text is superimposed on a backdrop of abstract shapes resembling splashes and droplets, evoking the cool splash of a Slurpee.

The droplets graduate in size, suggesting movement and the fizzy effervescence of the Slurpee’s carbonated texture. This artistic backdrop not only reinforces the product’s refreshing qualities but also imparts a sense of energetic fun that is at the heart of the Slurpee brand. The entire logo is framed at an angle, which lends an additional layer of motion and excitement, mirroring the experience of enjoying the icy beverage.

2019 – 2023

Slurpee Logo 2019

The logo presents a minimalist yet striking design, encapsulating the Slurpee brand in a stark black and white palette. The brand name is rendered in a bold, sans-serif font, with clean lines and ample spacing between the characters, lending the design a modern and uncluttered aesthetic. The letters are arrayed on a perspective slant, which adds depth and suggests forward momentum, paralleling the energetic zest Slurpee is known for.

The three-dimensional effect is achieved through the use of a drop shadow, which casts the text above the dark ground it rests on, giving the illusion that the logo is elevated. This simple yet effective technique enhances the visual impact of the logo, ensuring it stands out with clarity and purpose. The monochrome color scheme communicates a sense of classic sophistication, while the geometric precision of the letters reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering a consistently enjoyable product.

2023 – Today

Slurpee Logo

The logo features chunky, rounded letters that are stylized with a playful and modern twist, conveying a sense of fun and casual enjoyment. The typeface is sans-serif, which gives the logo a contemporary and approachable feel. Each letter is crafted with substantial weight, adding to the visual impact of the design.

The use of solid black color throughout the logo ensures high contrast and visibility, which can easily be recognized from a distance. Overall, the logo’s design elements collectively embody the refreshing and youthful essence of the Slurpee brand, aiming to appeal to a wide demographic of consumers seeking a delightful and cool respite.

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